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Math Department Seminar Mailing Lists

List NameDescriptionsHow to SubscribeEmail Address
aas Applied Algebra Seminar to subscribe, email:
ACMS Applied and Computational Math to subscribe, email:
Ags Algebraic Geometry Seminar and Reading List Serve to subscribe, email:
Analysis UW Math Analysis group to subscribe, email:
Combsem UW Combinatorics seminar to subscribe, email:
Gags Grad Student Algebraic Geometry to subscribe, email:
grad-logic-sem this is a list for the graduate logic seminar to subscribe, email
Grad_number_theory This is a list for the Math Graduate Number Theory Seminar. to subscribe, email:
grad_prob_seminar This is a list of people interested in the Graduate Probability Seminar to subscribe, email
gt Geometry and Topology Seminar to subscribe, email:
math-teaching-circle This is a list for the Teaching Circle of the Math Instructional Excellence Program. to subscribe, email:
mathcolloquium This is a list to inform all persons affiliated with the math department about colloquiums. this is handled automatically based on your affiiliation with the math department
nts Number Theory Seminar to subscribe, email:
Pdega PDE and Geometric Analysis Seminar to subscribe, email:
phys_appl_math Physical applied math journal club to subscribe, email:
probsem Probability Seminar to subscribe, email:
rrs This is a list for the Research Recruitment Seminar to subscribe, email
siam This is a list for the Graduate Student Applied Math Seminar to subscribe, email
siam-chapter this is a list for the SIAM Chapter Seminar to subscribe, email
singularities This is a list for the Singularities Seminar in the Math Department to subscribe, email:
Uwlogic This is a list for the Southern Wisconsin Logic Colloquium Seminar. to subscribe, email:
uw_fluid_dynamics This is a wisclist for UW fluid dynamics announcements. to subscribe, email:
weekly-math-sem This is a list to distribute a weekly seminar list to subscribe, email

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