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Math 491: Topics in Undergraduate Mathematics

Spring 2016: A Second Course in Elementary Linear ALgebra
Background and Goals: 

I will assume that you studied Math 340 or Math 341. 

Course Content: 

The main source for the course are the lecture notes.

Topics to be covered:

1) Determinants.

2) Dual Spaces, Quotient Spaces, Tensor Spaces.  

3) Invariant Subspaces and Diagonalization.

4) Inner Product Spaces, Spectral Theorem.

5) Quadratic Forms.

6) Canonical Forms.

7)  Groups, Rotations, and Symmetries of Platonic Solids

8) Basics of Representation Theory of Finite Groups.

9) Possibles Projects and Presentations in Mathematics.

You are welcome!

Dr. Shamgar Gurevich,



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