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WisCEL Logging In For the First Time

  Here are instructions for logging in and accessing the course websites for Math 95, 101, or 112.

1. Go to If you know your username and password, use that; otherwise, click the "forgot your password" link. On the next page, your username is your ENTIRE email address. Click "request password reset" and then check your email. Click on the link in the email from Pearson, reset your password, and then go back and log in. Your username is your entire email address.
2. Once you've logged in, select your course. (For most people, there’s only one.)
3. Accept the user agreement. Your instructor can't see you as enrolled in the course until you do this.
4. The next screen will ask for an access code. If you have one, you can enter it—but there are no refunds after you enter it, so make sure you intend to stay in the course. 
If you don’t have an access code or are unsure you will stay in the course, click “Temporary Access” on the left side.
Select and copy the code you see. Click “Course Home”, and below the boxes for the access code, click the “Switch to a single box for pasting your access code” link. See the screenshot below.<
On the next page, click "return to course". (The expiration date you see there is not the expiration of your temporary access; it's when the entire course stops. The temporary access will last through the first two weeks of class or so. Be prepared to buy the guided notebook, which comes with an access code, or to use a debit or credit card to buy an access code.)

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