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Clearing your browser's cache and history

Often when people have trouble accessing or using the MyLabsPlus website, the problem can be fixed by clearing the browser’s history and cache. Here are some instructions for doing that.

First, make sure you are using Firefox or Chrome. In our experience those browsers work best.

Second, if you are using Firefox or Chrome, try using the other one.

Third, if that doesn’t work, we need to try to clear out any cookies or cached bits that have somehow gone bad. For Firefox, follow these directions. For Chrome, follow these directions. If that still doesn’t work, try clearing more history -- the last two hours, instead of the last hour, and so on.

If you are still having trouble, you have pretty much exhausted our knowledge. (We know more about math than the technical details of website/browser interaction.) Try another computer — maybe one in a campus computer lab. You should also, at this point, email your instructor and let him or her know that you’ve tried everything here and are still having technical problems.

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