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Academic Exception Petition

Academic exceptions are considered on an individual case by case basis and should not be considered a precedent.  Deviations from normal progress are discouraged, but the program recognizes that there are in some cases extenuating academic or personal circumstances.  Petitions for exceptions to the Satisfactory Progress expectations shall be directed to the Director of Graduate Studies or the Chair of the Exceptions Committee, with copy to the Graduate Coordinator. The Exceptions Committee consists of all faculty serving on the Graduate Program Committee.

A petition should provide good evidence of plans and ability to return to conformance with the standard and to acceptably complete the program. The normal extension will be one semester; anything beyond this will be granted only in the event of highly extraordinary circumstances.  Extensions will be granted formally with a note of explanation to be placed in the student’s file.

Students who fail to meet any satisfactory progress requirements may face sanctions up to dismissal from the program. A student petitioning for a deadline extension or a waiver of any type should obtain an endorsement from his or her advisor, or other faculty members. The Director of Graduate Studies and the Exceptions Committee Exceptions Committee may request additional documentation as needed.  Requests for additional extensions must be considered by the Exceptions Committee.

Students may ask faculty members to advise them, to speak to the Director of Graduate Studies and/or the Exceptions Committee on their behalf, or to endorse their petitions.

Qualifying Exams. Students need to pass one qualifying exam by the beginning of their fourth semester in the program, and two qualifying exams by the beginning of their  sixth semester. Students who fail to meet one of these requirements will be dropped from the  Ph.D. program.  Letters of dismissal will be issued soon after the grading of all qualifying exams is completed. A petition for an extension or an appeal of a dismissal from the Ph.D. program must be made within two weeks after the letter of dismissal is issued.

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