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Historical Women Ph.D.

YearName AdvisorThesis
2019 Liu, Yuan Boston The realizability problem with prescribed inertia conditions
2019 Fang, Di Jin, Qin Li Numerical Analysis and Computational Methods for Non-adiabatic Quantum Dynamics and Biological Models
2019 El Duque, Eva Maxim Alexander-type invariants of hypersurface complements.
2019 Li, Wanlin Ellenberg Frobenius action on Jacobians of Curves over Finite Fields
2019 Zhu, Yuhua Qin Li Fokker Planck Equation with Uncertainty
2018 Wang, Jiuya Wood, M. Malle's conjecture for compositum of number fields
2018 Hao, Jing Boston
2018 Maguire, Megan M. Wood
2017 Wang, Keija Boston A Journey To Low Spherical Discrepancy
2017 Abbott, Carolyn Dymarz Acylindrical actions on hyperbolic spaces
2017 Liu, Liu Jin
2016 Su, Yun Maxim Higher Order Degrees of Complex Hypersurface Complements
2016 Cladek, Laura Seeger Multiplier Theorems, Square Function Estimates and Bochner-Riesz Means Associated with Rough Domains
2015 Nan, Ting-Ting Boston Entropy Regions and the Four-Atom Conjecture
2015 You, Qian Angenent Some Ancient Solutions of Curve Shortening
2015 Lynch, Alison Terwilliger Algebraic characterizations of Cauchy pairs and Uq(sl2)-modules
2014 Skubak-Wolf, Beth Anderson Computational methods for parametric sensitivities of stochastic chemical reaction networks
2014 Jensen, Sara Isaacs On the character degree simplicial complex of a finite solvable group
2014 Holcomb, Diane Valko Point process limits of random matrices
2014 Cheng, Yongtao Waleffe A mixed fluid-kinetic solver for the Vlasov-Poisson equations
2014 Bockting-Conrad, Sarah Renee Terwilliger Tridiagonal pairs, double lowering operators, and UqIsl2
2014 Benguria Depassier, Maria Soledad Nagel Estimates for the szego kernel on unbounded convex domains
2013 Wang, Rui Oh The Contact Triad Connection and Contact Instantons
2013 Nelson, Joanna Mari-Beffa Applications of Automatic Transversality in Contact Homology
2013 Davis, Rachel Boston Images of Metabelian Galois Representations Associated to Elliptic Curves
2012 Tumasz (Matz), Sarah Thiffeault Topological Mixing
2012 Wang, Li Ang Jin Numerical Methods for Multiscale Hyperbolic and Kinetic Equations
2012 Vincent, Christelle Ono Drinfeld Modular Forms Modulo "P" and Weierstrass Points on Drinfeld Modular Curves
2012 Durfee, Christina Isaacs Groups with a Character of Large Degree Relative to a Normal Subgroup
2012 Kiernan, Kathleen Brualdi Exponents of Matrices
2011 Hu, Jingwei Jin
2011 Wang, Li Smith
2011 Dewitt, Meghan Boston
2010 Guettes, Sabrina Kurtz
2010 Simons, Julie Milewski
2010 Ozman, Ekin Ellenberg
2010 Li, Qiahn Ferris
2010 Daugherty, Zajj Ram
2010 Yip, Martha Ram
2009 Bae, Myoungjean Feldman
2009 Li, Qian Ferris
2009 Zhu, Keya Ionescu
2008 Kang, Hye-Won Kurtz
2008 Kim, Yeon-Hyang Ron
2007 Christodoulopoulou, Konstantina Benkart
2007 Garthwaite, Sharon Ono
2007 Kim, Ahyoung Kiselev
2007 Liao, Xiaomei Jin
2007 Wang, Jue Waleffe
2006 Anderson, Jaclyn Ann Ono
2006 Hollingsworth, Susan L. Brualdi
2006 Hur, Youngmi Ron
2006 Nguyen, Xuan Hien Angenent
2006 Vasquez, Elisa Speissegger (Lempp)
2005 Carracino, Christine Nagel
2005 Halfpap, Jennifer Nagel
2005 Swisher, Holly Ono
2005 Temple, Katherine Kurtz
2005 Wiesner, Emilie Ram
2004 Mukherjee, Shantala Benkart
2003 Givens, Berit N. Kunen
2003 Velikina, Julia V. Ron
2002 Voelker, Meta Ferris
2001 Baker, Joni E. Kunen
2001 Borges, Maria J. Rabinowitz
2001 Hsieh, Liang-Yu Brualdi
2000 Holtz, Olga V. Schneider
2000 Ziebarth, Jennifer Adem
1999 Hong, Sunggeum Seeger
1999 Park, Jeng Yune Brualdi
1998 Edwards, Stephanie Hellerstein
1998 Folch-Gabayet, Magali Wainger
1998 Grood, Cheryl P. Benkart
1998 Meda-Guardiola, Ana Ney
1998 Neudauer, Nancy A. Brualdi
1998 Shaw, May S. Slemrod
1998 Torres-Gallardo, Evelyn Parter
1997 Benjamin, Diane Mullan Isaacs
1997 Chen, Ming-Li Assadi
1997 Sneyd, Elizabeth Brualdi
1996 Doree, Suzanne I. Isaacs
1996 Evans, Kellie M. Griffeath
1996 Hart, Joan E. Kunen
1995 Akgul, Nilgun Atiye Slemrod
1995 Ozturk, Semra Assadi
1995 Szydlik, Jennifer Earles Harvey
1995 Thandi, Neeza Rabinowitz
1995 Zakeri, Golbon Meyer
1994 Cho, Nhansook Kurtz
1994 Dougherty, Anne Kurtz
1994 Galminas, Lisa Lempp
1993 Dzamonja, Mirna Kunen
1993 Marshall, Mary K. Isaacs
1993 Massey, Jennifer Quinn Brualdi
1993 McDonald, Judith J. Schneider
1992 Kaddah, Deborah S. Lempp
1992 Lazarevic, Zorana M.Rudin
1992 Lee, Chanyoung Benkart
1992 Maia, Liliane de Almeida Turner
1991 Hart, Evelyn L. Fadell
1991 Kim, Weonja Wainger
1991 Norton-Odenthal, Brigitte Husseini
1991 Son, Geum Sug (Hwang) Brualdi
1990 Shaw, Kari E. Ahern
1990 Zhong, Ning M.Rudin
1988 Goggin, Eimear Mary Kurtz
1988 Goldsmith, Judith A. Joseph
1987 Costantini, Cristina Kurtz
1987 Decker, Naomi Henderson Parter
1987 Gunter, Elsa (Pritchard) Isaacs
1987 Harizanov, Valentina S. Millar
1987 Schweiter, Gail Ann Millar
1986 Kime, Katherine A. Russell
1985 Tatsuoka, Kay Cannon
1983 Flapan, Erica McMillan
1983 Soares, Eliana Isaacs
1981 Navy, Caryn L. M.Rudin
1980 Palenz, Diana G.P. (Pike) M. Rudin
1979 Foregger, Marsha (Forman), Brualdi
1979 Bowman, Bonita Dickey
1978 Astaburuaga, Maria A. Brauer
1976 Chueh, Kathy Rou-Sing Russell A boundary value control problem for hyperbolic systems
1976 Shrikhande, Neelima M. McMillan
1975 Gardner, Marianne L. Brualdi Intersection & chromatic prop. of graphs & hypergraphs
1975 Nagel, Yvonne Schneider Putnam involutions on Banach algebras
1975 Whitesides, Sue H. Bruck Collineations of project. planes of order 10
1974 Carpenter, Gail A. Conley Traveling wave solution so fnerve impulse equations
1974 Certain, Melinda W. Askey Some theorems on semigroups & groups of operators
1974 Sullivan, Kathleen A. Keisler The teaching of elem. calculus: an approach using infinit.
1971 Bahl, Christina A. Levy Repr. of cyclic groups of square-free order over the integers modulo a prime power
1971 Gerlach, Mrs. Mary Anne Bing Some fibered cellular decomp. of E^3 give E^3
1971 Lipow, Carla (Wofsy) Chover 2 branching models w/generating functions dependent on population size
1971 Soloway, Robin Naomi McMillan Somewhere acyclic mappings of manif. are compact
1971 Wiegand, Sylvia M. Levy Galois theory of essential exp. of modules & vanishing tensor powers
1970 Lewin, Myrtle H. Beck Algebraic combin. of continuous flows
1970 Moser, Louise E. Martin Surgery along Torus knots & solv. fund. grps. of closed 3-man.
1970 Olson, Lynn Meyer Near-steady oblique shock waves in a collisionless plasma
1970 Shilepsky, Carol (Carter) Levin A boundedness theorem for solutions of a Volterra equation
1969 Meyer, Rochelle Harvey The identif. & encouragement of math. creativity in first grade students
1969 Schindler, Susan Askey Some transpl. theorems for the general. Mehler Transf. & related Asympt. expansions
1969 Warren, Nancy MacMaster M. Rudin Extend. contin. functions in Stone-Cech compactif. of discrete spaces & in 0-dimensional spaces
1966 Elkins, Judith A. (Molinar) Hellerstein (actually Korevaar) Approx. by polyn. w/ restricting zeros
1965 Moschovakis, Joan R. Kleene
1963 Greenwood, Priscilla Chover
1963 Lazier, Nora Osborn
1961 Schrader, Sister Walter R. Korevaar
1961 Tucker, Patricia Ann Curtis
1954 Chandapillai, Anna Langer
1952 Schurrer, Augusta Louise Marden
1950 Hachmeister, Violet Grace MacDuffee
1940 Stewart, Bonnie Madison MacDuffee
1937 Lester, Caroline Avery MacDuffee
1935 Wolf, Louise Adelaide Ingraham
1935 Wolf, Margarete Caroline Ingraham
1934 Shea, Sister Ann Elizabeth Bennet
1930 Stafford, Elizabeth Thatcher Ingraham
1907 Allen, Florence Eliza Van Vleck
1901 Pengra, Charlotte Elvira Dowling

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