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The Mathematics of Doodling Public Lecture 4/17

Ravi Vakil (Stanford) is presenting on the mathematical aspects of doodling on April 17, at 4pm in B239 Van Vleck Hall.  Doodling has many mathematical aspects:  patterns, shapes, numbers and more.  Not surprisingly, there is often some sophisticated and fun mathematics buried inside common doodles.  It looks like play, but reflects what mathematics is really about:  finding patterns in nature, explaining them, and extending them.  By the end, we'll have seen some important notions in geometry, topology, physics, and elsewhere; some fundamental ideas guiding the development of mathematics over the course of the last century; and ongoing work continuing today.

Dr. Vakil will be presenting on a more technical talk entitled "Cutting and pasting in (algebraic) geometry on Tuesday, April 18 at 4pm in 911 Van Vleck Hall.

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