Department of Mathematics

Van Vleck Hall, 480 Lincoln Drive, Madison, WI

Key Contacts

Department of Mathematics
University of Wisconsin
480 Lincoln Dr.
Madison, WI 53706-1325
phone: 608-263-3054
fax: 608-263-8891

Title Name Office Phone E-Mail
Chair Tonghai Yang 218 Van Vleck 263-3051 chair
Associate Chair Benedek Valko 409 Van Vleck 263-2782 assoc-chair
Summer Chair Joe Miller 521 Van Vleck   summer-chair
Director of Graduate Studies Andreas Seeger 613 Van Vleck 262-2932 seeger
Director of Graduate Admissions Tullia Dymarz 509 Van Vleck 263-5686 dymarz
Director of Undergraduate Studies David Anderson 617 Van Vleck 263-4943 anderson
Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies Alexander Hanhart 411 Van Vleck 263-6374 hanhart
Honors Coordinators Alexander Hanhart
Brian Street

411 Van Vleck
821 Van Vleck
AMEP Coordinator Sam Stechmann
Jean-Luc Thiffeault
815 Van Vleck
503 Van Vleck
Graduate Math Minor Advisor Timo Seppalainen,
Sean Paul
425 Van Vleck
817 Van Vleck

IT Manager Sara Nagreen 515 Van Vleck 263-7490 nagreen
MathLab Coordinator Gabriele Meyer 720 Van Vleck 262-3745 mathlab
Math Library Travis Warwick B224 Van Vleck 262-3596 warwick
Math Placement & Advising Kyle Martinez 207 Van Vleck   placement
TA Supervisor Xianghong Gong 703 Van Vleck 262-3545 gong
Director of the Pre-Calculus Program Justin Sukiennik 419 Van Vleck 263-2812 justin
113 Coordinator Eugenia Malitsky B127 Van Vleck   malitsky
13X Coordinator Oh Hoon Kwon 511 Van Vleck 263-3302 kwon
Tutorial Program Frank Rooney 320 Van Vleck 263-6817 tprogram
Instructional Excellence Program Bobby Grizzard 423 Van Vleck 263-2875 grizzard
WES Director Kyle Martinez 207 Van Vleck   wes
Copy Center Sharon Paulson 220 Van Vleck 263-3059 paulson
Department Administrator   218 Van Vleck 263-2023  
Chair's Secretary Michael Wang 223 Van Vleck 263-3051 mwang
Graduate Program Coordinator Kathie Brohaugh 203 Van Vleck 263-8884 kbrohaugh
Grants & Proposals Mark Castillo 215 Van Vleck 263-6953 castillo
Payroll & Benefits   215 Van Vleck 263-6859  
Receptionist Sharon Paulson 213 Van Vleck 263-3054 paulson
Timetable / Undergrad Program David Pettersen 205 Van Vleck 263-3061 dpettersen
Course Transfer Evaluations Kyle Martinez 207 Van Vleck   placement

Note: unless otherwise noted, all email addresses are (at)

UW-Madison Department of Mathematics
Van Vleck Hall
480 Lincoln Drive
Madison, WI  53706

(608) 263-3054

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