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Math 467: Introduction to Number Theory

  • Understand and use the standard methods and tools of mathematical argument (e.g. direct and indirect methods, the construction of examples and counterexamples, induction arguments).
  • State and describe the formal definitions of the mathematical objects and their properties used in elementary number theory (e.g., divisibility, prime numbers, congruences, etc.).
  • State and apply the main theorems in elementary number theory (e.g. theorems related to modular arithmetic, divisibility, prime numbers, Fermat's Little Theorem).
  • Prove or disprove statements and evaluate the validity of arguments related to the definitions, properties, and theorems elementary number theory.
  • Write mathematical proofs and concepts in logical, reasonable, and concise ways.
3 (N-A)
MATH 234, 375, (222 and COMP SCI/MATH 240), (222 and 320), or (222 and 340)

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