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Calculus Student's Page

The text for the calculus courses

Here are the pdf files for the texts that are used in the calculus sequence:


See the Errata page.

Other Material
  • The most basic trig properties on one sheet. Many students rely on their calculators to reproduce these properties. Students should understand the drawings and how they imply the stated identities. Note that the addition formulas or even the double angle formulas are not on this sheet.
  • When not to use l'Hopital's rule. A few examples of limits where l‘Hopital provides the kind of help we all can do without.
Calculus Course Materials
Overview of the Calculus Courses
    Overview of the Calculus Courses. An overview of the different calculus sequences (e.g., 221/222/234 vs 171/217/222/234 vs 211/213) as well as a chart with more advanced courses and their prerequisites.
Undergraduate Courses
    Undergraduate Courses. Contains a list of all the math department's undergraduate courses, including 221, 222 and 234.
Calculus Credit by Examination
    Calculus Credit by Examination. Contains information on exams that can be taken by students who have taken calculus courses at a different institution to obtain credit for 221 or 222.

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