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The Math Major


Students can choose from four different paths to graduation while majoring in Mathematics.

  • A BA or BS degree
    • Option 1: the traditional math major
    • Option 2: the concentrated math major. This option is intended for students who are also interested in taking a focused set of courses in some area outside of mathematics that nevertheless have a minimum mathematical content. In particular, double majors may be interested in the option 2 major in math.

    The BA/BS math major page explains the course requirements for the option 1 and 2 majors, and also the differences between them. For more information on the packages available with the option 2 major, click here.

  • Honors in the Math major also leads to a BA or BS degree in the College of Letters & Science, but with the Honors distinction.
  • The Applied Mathematics, Engineering and Physics (AMEP) major. This is an interdisciplinary degree program in the College of Letters & Science, with a significant College of Engineering component. It is intended for students who have a strong interest in the combination of Mathematics, Physics, and Engineering.

Students who are interested in the math major certificate are strongly urged to contact an advisor in the Mathematics Department. A list of advisors and their hours can be found on the math advising page.

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