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I haven't taken the placement test, or I don't formally have the course prerequisite satisfied at UW-Madison. How do I get permission to enroll in a math course? 

We understand that visiting students do not have formal prerequisites satisfied in most cases, and so we are happy to work with these students on enrollment.

Special students should not contact individual instructors in the Math Department for course enrollment permissions. Course enrollment for the Math Department is not managed by individual instructors.

Rather, special students should work on filling out an enrollment request form for the semester they'll be enrolling to ask for enrollment permission.

If a special student has already taken math coursework at UW-Madison and therefore explicitely meets the course prerequisites, there is no need to obtain enrollment permission. For instance, if a special student has completed MATH 221 at UW-Madison already, they are eligible to enroll into MATH 222 directly and without any special permissions.

If there are any questions about this, please send an email to Kyle Martinez at

Can I get a seat saved for me before my enrollment appointment?


In keeping with our guidelines for degree-seeking students, seats will not be reserved ahead of enrollment appointments for special students wishing to take math courses. Special students that have received enrollment permission for math coursework are welcome to enroll when their enrollment appointment comes up.

Enrollment priority is given to students that are degree-seeking at UW-Madison. Special student populations have their own designated enrollment appointments as set by UW-Madison.

When is my enrollment appointment time?

The Office of the Registrar has a page dedicated to enrollment appointment time details. 

The course I want to enroll in is waitlisted. What should I do?

The Math Department cannot guarantee enrollment into a math course that is waitlisted. This is true for both degree-seeking and special students.

While the Math Department works to accommodate any qualifed student that wants to take our courses, no student on the waitlist for a section of a course is guaranteed enrollment into that section. The only guarantee for enrollment into a math course is to enroll in an open section. Therefore, any enrollment requests should be made with this in mind. A student's best chance to enroll in a waitlisted course is to put themselves on the waitlist and check their email periodically to see if they've received enrollment permission. Alternative courses should be considered.

I'm not sure on my special student program requirements. Who do I ask about them?

Please reach out to your program office to clarify any requirements that you may have to satisfy.

I'd like some advising. What should I do?

If you have general questions about math course selection based on your goals, interests, qualifications, etc., feel free to reach out to with your inquiry.

If you have specific questions regarding the course requirements or preferences of a program that you're enrolled in or are pursuing, it is advisable to reach out to that program's advising unit. They will have the best information regarding the program's course requirements or preferences.

I have other questions. Who should I contact?

Please reach out to Kyle Martinez at with your inquiry.

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