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This page will be periodically updated to include more information.

Before reading on, please take note of a few things to keep in mind, depending on what student population you are in:

UW-Madison Undergraduates

Degree-seeking undergraduates at UW-Madison are expected to abide by the same enrollment rules and guidelines as normal.

Unless in exceptional cases regarding transfer credit, we will not be making exceptions to course prerequisites.

Graduate Students

Graduate students are welcome to enroll in undergraduate-level courses. To gain access to any course that you currently cannot enroll in, please email Kyle Martinez at to request enrollment permission.

It's also suggested that you check in with your graduate advisor/coordinator to determine which math courses, if any, are best for you in your particular situation.

Special Students

In addition to the information listed below, special students should also review our special student page, which has more information on requesting enrollment into courses and things to keep in mind.

Enrollment FAQs

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