Learn about UW Talent Search Mailing List

The UW runs a list server and anybody affliated with the UW can create a list serve on it.

As of May 29, 2015:

We've moved our old talentsearch@lists.math.wisc.edu email address to uwtalentsearch@lists.wisc.edu.  All mail sent to talentsearch@lists.math.wisc.edu will be automatically sent to the new list.

We've done this in advance of a mail configuration change here at the UW and to make managing mailings a bit easier.  Only 3 people can post to this list, all administrators of the Talent Search program, so you won't get a ton of spam from us.

Am I on the new list?

If you were on the old mailing list, you are automatically on the new mailing list.

How do I tell people to subscribe to the new list?

If you want to help spread the word about the UW Talent Search program, tell you friends to subscribe.


I want to unsubscribe!

If you no longer want to receive talent search mailings, just send an email to this address