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Math Advising


This page is about advising for current or prospective math majors and math certificate students. For advice on college algebra, pre calculus, and calculus, see the placement advising pages.

Visiting an Advisor

The first step to declaring a major is to visit an advisor. A schedule for all advisors is located here: 


Before Your Visit with an Advisor

It is a good idea to bring a printed copy of your current DARS. For help using DARS, see this helpful page from the Office of the Registrar. If you are not in the College of Letters & Science, you should also bring the major declaration form(s).

Undergraduate Math Advisors for 2019/2020

Advisor Office Advisor Office
David Anderson 617 Van Vleck Alexander Hanhart 411 Van Vleck
Joeseph Miller 521 Van Vleck Brian Street (Honors) 821 Van Vleck
Benedek Valko 409 Van Vleck Paul Terwilliger 322 Van Vleck
Chanwoo Kim 717 Van Vleck Sam Stechmann
[Also AMEP]
 815 Van Vleck

Kyle Martinez 
[Certificate and Non-Majors]

207 Van Vleck Fabian Waleffe
819 Van Vleck

What if I don't see the name of my assigned advisor on the list? What if I cannot make it to the office hour of my assigned advisor? 

When you declare the math major or certificate you are assigned an advisor (usually the faculty member who took your application). You can certainly return to that particular advisor if you have further questions about the program (e.g. course selection), but you are also welcome to go to any of the other regular faculty advisors, as they will also be able to help.

AMEP Advising

For AMEP advising, consult the AMEP advising page.

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