Department of Mathematics

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Undergraduate Mathematics Awards

Leadership Prizes in AMEP awarded to outstanding students pursuing a degree in Applied Math, Engineering, and Physics with demonstrated leadership and superior academic record.

Prof. Linnaeus Wayland Dowling Scholarships, for students majoring in Mathematics

David Lawrence Young Memorial Scholarship, for a student showing promise early in his/her career.

R. Creighton Buck Scholarships, for students demonstrating outstanding creativity in mathematics.

Irma L. Newman Scholarship, for an outstanding mathematics major.

Violet Higgitt Frank Scholarships, for students majoring in Mathematics.

Mark Ingraham Scholarships, for the best Math majors.

Henry Schaerf Mathematics Award, for a student showing promise in their academic work

Frank Cady Scholarships, for outstanding and financially needy juniors and seniors with plans to continue their study of mathematics beyond college.

Mary Ellen Rudin Fellowship Fund for scholarship to support bright and talented female mathematics students.  ($1,000) 

Skinner Fund for Undergraduate Students:  This was established to assist both undergraduate and graduate students to travel to conferences and workshops related to the student's interests to advance their knowledge and academic careers.

Wallace J. Hillard Fund supports high performing students in the Wisconsin Emerging Scholars program.

UW-Madison Department of Mathematics
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