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Calculus Credit by Examination

Disclaimer Due to COVID-19

We intend to offer the calculus credit exams on the first day of instruction in a manner to be determined. It is possible that we will be able to offer remote versions of the exam and/or alternative sessions. If alternative exam timing and formats become available, you will be able to choose between them. Moreover, if none of the exam options are appropriate for your circumstance, then your exam fee will be refunded if you let us know by a date that will be determined.

This page will be updated with more information on testing time and modality as it is determined.

General Information

The Mathematics Department offers exams to students who want to earn credit for MATH 221, MATH 222, and/or MATH 234. The exams are offered the first week of the fall and spring semester.

These exams are intended primarily for freshmen who have taken substantial calculus courses in high school, or for transfer students who did not get transfer credits for a calculus course taken at another institution, and who desire to establish college credits for MATH 221, MATH 222, or/and MATH 234. It is open to undergraduate students only.

Students who have been, or will be granted calculus credit by other means—such as through AP exams, transfer credit, etc.—do not need to take these exams. Students who are waiting on the status of calculus transfer credit reevaluations should not sign up for a session until they get their results back.

Students may not take a credit exam for a specific course more than once.

Students may not attempt a credit exam for any course they are enrolled in or were previously enrolled in at UW-Madison beyond the add deadline.

The use of calculators or notecards is not permitted on the exams. You will NOT be provided with a formula sheet during the exam.

For more policies and restrictions, please refer to the following document:

Registration for the Exam

Fall 2020 Exams Date/Time:
MATH 221, MATH 222, and MATH 234 exams:
(Two hours are allowed to complete each exam.)

Room/Modality of Exam: TBD

Identification: Students must present their University Photo ID (WisCard) at the time of the exam and bring the emailed receipt.

More information: Kyle Martinez (

Registration: Students must register in order to take the exam. The registration deadline is 24 hours before the exam. There will be a $135 fee for each exam. This fee is non-refundable. Failure to appear at the exam location during the specified time will result in the forfeiture of this fee.

Click HERE to register

Before the Exam

Students who plan to take the exam will already have studied all the topics that may appear on the exam. The following resources may help in reviewing before the exam:

After the Exam

Passing Scores: A student needs to get at least 75% on the exam to get credit for the course.

Exam Results: Results will be sent to the student’s official address by the end of the week, and will have the opportunity to register for subsequent classes upon receipt of their score.

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