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How to Get Help

Students that would like some help with questions/issues regarding enrollment, class scheduling, and placement can contact the undergraduate/placement advisor, Kyle Martinez ( Kyle can help students with questions regarding:

  • math course registration;
  • enrollment issues;
  • class scheduling;
  • changing class sections;
  • math placement;
  • transfer credit;
  • and more!

Most questions can be handled easily (and more quickly) over email, but you can feel free to email Kyle to set up an appointment if you feel that it would be helpful. Times that Kyle is available for appointments are listed here.

Students looking for math course tutoring should consider our tutoring page. Students looking for math major advising should refer to our advising page.

Please Remember...
  • Be sure to check and see if you meet the necessary prerequisites for the math courses you are trying to enroll in. If you're not sure, feel free to ask.
  • Check the Registrar's website for important dates and deadlines regarding enrollment.

Students (both new and continuing) that have questions regarding transfer credit reevaluations, course waitlists, enrollment policies, etc., should first review our New Student Placement & Enrollment page for a comprehensive list of FAQs. Below are a couple of common questions and answers.

The section of a course that I'd like to enroll in is waitlisted. What should I do?

Students that would like to enroll in a waitlisted section of a course should attempt to enroll in an open section of the course if possible. Otherwise, enrolling on the waitlist is the next best route to take. Note that waitlisting for a course does not guarantee enrollment; the only guarantee to enroll in a course is to enroll in an open section. Students are expected to check their emails daily to check if they have been given permission to enroll off of the waitlist, as waitlist permissions do expire after a certain time.

If you are in need of enrolling in a closed/waitlisted section, as that is the only one that works in your schedule, then please contact Kyle at to see if anything can be done to help you enroll.

I have transfer credit for a math course, but I believe it should transfer in as something else and would like a reevaluation. What can I do?

Students should submit any syllabi that they'd like to have reevaluated via the Course Reevaluation Request form. Notes:

  1. You must submit the syllabi from the semester/term in which you took the course.
  2. The form only takes in one syllabus at a time.
  3. You may wish to submit all sequential math courses for review even if you are receiving transfer credit for one or more of them.
    1. For example: You have taken a Calculus I and Calculus II course at your previous institution. Calculus I transferred as MATH 221, but Calculus II transferred as electives. You should submit BOTH your Calculus I and Calculus II syllabi for review, as it may be the case that the combination of both courses are equivalent to our MATH 221 and 222.

For assistance in deciding which syllabi to submit, or for enrollment in mathematics courses in general, please email Kyle Martinez at to ask for some help.


If you have additional questions, please email Kyle Martinez at

UW-Madison Department of Mathematics
Van Vleck Hall
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