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No matter your major, you can enhance your post-graduate life with a strong background in mathematics. The Mathematics Certificate is a program designed to enhance your knowledge of mathematics and strengthen applications to graduate school and the job market. Having a strong background in Mathematics is viewed increasingly as an asset to students seeking entrance to graduate school in most sciences. It is also highly desirable for many employers.

Compared to a major in Mathematics, the certificate requires fewer courses and offers more flexibility when choosing your courses. In particular, the certificate does not require any 500-level courses or a mastery of proof writing. All undergraduates and some special students are eligible for a Mathematics Certificate, except those who major in Mathematics or the AMEP program.

The Mathematics Certificate requires four courses beyond calculus with no requirement for advanced level courses. It is a good
option for those not interested in formal mathematics, as well as for those who do not have time to complete a second major. It is suggested that you work with an advisor to choose courses which fit your interests and goals. You can choose to focus on probabil-ity and statistics, applied mathematics, computer mathematics, and many other options as well!


How to Declare

To declare the Mathematics Certificate, students should contact an advisor in the Mathematics Department.

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