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Math Advising Calendar


Advising for Majors, Prospective Majors, & AMEP Students

Please use the calendar below to schedule a meeting with a math major or AMEP advisor. Math major declaration requires meeting with a math major advisor. If you have questions regarding non-math major/non-AMEP program topics, please refer to the drop-ins listed further down the page for Kyle Martinez. To declare the math certificate, you can either meet with a math major advisor or you can attend Kyle Martinez's drop-in hours.

AMEP ≠ option 2 math major. Do not book AMEP if you want to declare an option 2 math major.

Note: You must be logged into a Google account (UW-Madison preferred) to see and use the appointment calendar below. Here are directions on how to log-in with your UW-Madison Google account: Once you log in, you should be able to view the calendar directly below by refreshing this page.


Advising for Non-Majors, Certificate Students, & Placement

Drop-In Advising Overview

Drop-in advising is primarily meant for non-math majors and math certificate students. Questions that are most appropriate for drop-in advising with Kyle Martinez—the placement/undergraduate advisor—are those regarding math course placement, placement testing and retakes, transfer credit questions, enrollment, course prerequisites, declaring the math certificate, or any other non-math major/non-AMEP program question.

Students can ask general questions about major requirements/expectations, but in-depth major advising questions—such as course planning and selection—and questions about higher-level courses are better answered by major advisors.

If you have questions specific to the math major or AMEP—such as program requirements and course planning—please refer to the calendar above to make an appointment with a math major or AMEP advisor. If you don't know who to ask, feel free to email for guidance.

When & Where

Location: Room 207, Van Vleck Hall

Schedule: Drop-in hours change weekly, so please make sure to view each week separately. The drop-in schedule is updated for the next two weeks of availability. Students attending drop-in advising hours are taken on a first-come, first-serve basis.

For the first two weeks of classes for Spring 2020, drop-in advising hours will be held at the Math Help Desk:

Emailing & Appointments

If you cannot make these drop-ins and have a question or would like to set up an appointment, please feel free to email with your inquiry and Kyle will get back to you.


General Advising Calendar for Spring 2020 semester

(This calendar is subject to change. Be sure to make an appointment using the appointment calendar above!)








Miller: VV 521






Stechmann: VV 815

Hanhart: VV 411  




Hanhart: VV 411

AMEP (Waleffe) VV819




Anderson:  VV 617

Terwilliger (1:20-2:20) VV 322



Anderson:  VV 617

Terwilliger (1:20-2:20) VV 322

Valko: VV 409 (2:30-3:30)   Kim (2:30-3:30) VV 717
3-4 Street: (3:30-4:30)  VV 821


Valko: VV 409 (2:30-3:30)


Kim (2:30-3:30) VV 717

4-5 Street: (3:30-4:30)  VV 821        





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