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Mathematics Placement Test Retake

Be sure you have adequately reviewed your math skills so you will do well on the placement test. You only get ONE chance to retake the test, and your most recent results will be used for placement, even if your most recent results place you lower than the ones you received from the first test. Students need to get authorization from the math consultant for all retakes. During SOAR, students should see the math consultant. During the academic year, an email should be sent to

Review Resources:

FORGOTTEN ALGEBRA by Barbara Lee Bleau, Publisher: Barron's Educational Series

  • For placement into:
    • 112 College Algebra
    • 114 College Algebra and Trigonometry Combined
    • 171 Topics in Pre-Calculus for Information on Studying for the Classes Listed Below:

  • For placement into:
    • 113 Trigonometry
    • 211 Calculus
    • 221 Calculus and Analytic Geometry for:

  • a link to a practice mathematics placement test
  • a breakdown on the general characteristics of the test
  • a percentage of scale for mathematics concepts
  • sample test items


Important Exam Information:

  • The exam is free and there is no need to register.
  • The exam schedule—updated periodically—is posted at:
    • You may choose to attend a session on any date listed on the exam schedule that has "MathRetest" listed in the "Test" column. If you have already received retest authorization, no advance registration is required to attend.
  • Note that retakes cannot be scheduled during the Regional Testing Days and must be taken on the UW-Madison campus.
  • The test lasts 90 minutes. Please report to room 341 Educational Sciences Bldg. 10 minutes prior to the scheduled time.
  • A non-graphing calculator is allowed. Be sure to also bring a #2 pencil and a valid photo ID.
  • Your scores should be posted in the Student Center under “Academics” within one week.
  • You may call Testing and Evaluation Services at (608) 262-5863 if you need special arrangements.
  • The Math Department does not administer or proctor the math placement tests. Rather, Testing and Evaluation Services oversees these duties. If you have particular questions regarding the logistics of the math placement test retakes, please contact Testing and Evaluation Services directly at (608) 262-5863, or via

For additional information and to view the schedule for the placement retake, visit the Testing and Evaluation Services website:

For a breakdown and explanation of the math placement algorithm based on the placement test, please see:


Help Desk:

The Mathematics Department runs a registration help desk during the first two weeks of each semester:

After getting your new scores, if you have trouble registering or finding an open section, please stop by room 207 Van Vleck.


Contact Kyle Martinez, Math Placement Advisor,, 207 Van Vleck, 262-2882.


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