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Undergraduate Mathematics Programs


These pages contain broad information about our undergradaute mathematics programs. A complete description of the major and its named options (in the context of a BS degree) can be found in the L&S Guide.  

The mathematics program allows for an array of study suitable to any interested student:

  • All students in the College of Letters & Science may use any of our major programs to complete their BA or BS degree requirements. Students outside of the College of Letters & Science may add a major program in mathematics with the permission of their home school/college. Such students need not worry about the general degree requirements associated with a BA or BS.
  • Our standard major program focuses on depth and breadth at the advanced undergraduate level and is suitable for any student with a broad interest in mathematics.  
  • Our named option programs allow students to narrow their studies to concentrate on those areas of mathematics utilized in a specific field, application, or affiliated area of study.
  • Students who are looking for a flexible program to establish a set of mathematical tools without wanting to take on a full major should consider our certificate program.
  • Students interested in a career in mathematics research or preparing for graduate study can consider our honors in the major program.
  • Finally, students who want to bridge mathematics with the concrete physical sciences (which features experimental and laboratory work) should consider our affliliated degree program in Applied Mathematics, Engineering, and Physics (AMEP).

No matter your goals or interests, students are strongly urged to contact an advisor in the Mathematics Department early in their academic career. A list of advisors and their availability can be found on the math advising page.

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