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Standard Major Program or Named Option?

The standard major in mathematics requires 7 courses in mathematics for 21 credits beyond the calculus sequence.  It focuses on depth and breadth at the advanced level and features coursework in hstorically core areas of modern mathematics:  Analysis, Algebra, and Topology.  Our standard major should be the major of choice for any mathematics student with a broad interest in mathematics, interest in our honors program, interest in gradute study in mathematics, or are interested in completing their undergradute career quickly.

Named Options Programs in Mathematics

The major offers a variety of named options (formerly known as Option 2 math major programs) which allow a major to focus on those topics in mathematics which have a strong relationship to another area of study. These areas are related to statistics, economics, computer science, mathematics education, and the physical sciences (amongst others). 

Complete details of the requirements for a named option program can be found in the College of Letters & Science Undegraduate Guide. Because of the number of ways in which these programs can be completed, it is important for any interested student to meet with a mathematics advisor in order to construct an initial plan before declaring the major.

The information below describes the named options and highlights topics and courses worthy of special consideration.

General Requirements and Notes for All Named Options

In general, all named option programs will have the following requirements:

  1. A course in linear algebra (MATH 320, 340, 341, or 375);
  2. An intermediate level "transition" course or sequence (MATH 321/2, 341, 375, 421, or 467);
  3. A minimum of two advanced MATH courses (numbered 500 and above);
  4. A minimum of 18 credits in MATH from no fewer than six courses above the 300-level;
  5. A minimum of 30 credit total spread across at least ten courses.

Any additional course/credit/level requirements are specific to each Named Option and students should refer to the Guide for complete descriptions.

  1. Be aware that the information below describes initial collections of courses and ideas worth considering which fulfill major requirements. Please refer to the Guide for all possible courses which can be applied to your named option plan and meet with an advisor in order to construct a course plan which works best for you;
  2. Note that course suggestions may have prerequisites;
  3. Courses offered by departments/schools besides mathematics may have restricted enrollment.

Named Options

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