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Spring 2020 Workshop Schedule

Math 211/221: 4pm - 5pm

Wednesday January 22 : Functions and Graphing
Room : B119 Van Vleck

Thursday January 23 : Trigonometric, Exponential, and Logarithmic functions
Room : B119 Van Vleck

Math 222: 4 pm - 5 pm.

Wednesday January 22 : Limits and Derivatives
Room : B135 Van Vleck

Thursday January 23 : Applications and Integration
Room : B135 Van Vleck

Math 234: 4pm - 5pm

Wednesday January 22: Methods of Integration
Room : B123 Van Vleck

Thursday January 23 : Vectors, Dot and Cross Products, Parametric Equations
Room : B123 Van Vleck


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Program Director: Frank Rooney

320 Van Vleck

 Workshop Handouts

Math 213/222 : 234

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