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AP Credits/High School Courses/Transfer


1. AP Calculus Credits:

  • BC score of 4 or 5: Math 221 and 222 credit
  • BC score of 3: 3 math elective credits (qr-a satisfi ed) NEED to take the placement exam.
  • BC score of 1 or 2: no credit NEED to take the placement exam.
  • AB score or AB subscore of 4 or 5: Math 221 credit
  • AB score or AB subscore of 3: 3 math elective credits (qr-a satisfi ed) NEED to take the placement exam.

NOTE: These rules apply to AP exams taken after August 2012. Old rules apply to exams taken prior to September 2012. See the Math Consultant ( with any questions.

2. High School Courses:
3. Credit by Examination,
  • Exam to establish credits for Math 221, Math 222, and/or Math 234.
  • Recommended for freshmen and transfer students who did not get credit for calculus even though they have had substantial calculus coursework before.
  • Administered once a semester, usually at the very beginning of the semester..
  • Students can take the exam only ONCE.
  • For information and sign up visit
4. Transfer from Other Universities:
  • Students who took their last math course over a year ago are strongly encouraged to take the math placement exam on an advisory basis, even if they are not required to. Placement based on their past work alone is often inaccurate.
  • The Admissions office evaluates transfer courses. 
  • If the course did not transfer, check with Admissions to find out why it did not transfer. Possible causes: course is not equivalent to any of the courses offered at UW-Madison, student did not submit a detailed syllabus, course did not cover most of the material required, etc. See courses' description at
  • All appeals to the Math Department must be submitted to the Admissions office first. Student should submit:
    • name of the institution, course number
    • a complete syllabus, including a list of topics covered, name of the textbook used with chapters covered
    • course website (if available)
    • Unfortunately, you will not be able to register and we are not able to save you a seat until you have successfully completed the required course work. After you finish the course and receive a passing grade, send a copy of your unofficial transcript to and official transcripts to the Admissions office.

 See the Math Consultant ( for any questions.


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