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Some tutoring resources are offering alternative modes of contact with students. In particular, Mathlab and the Math Tutorial Program are offering online tutoring, and instructors are not holding face-to-face office hours on campus. Please see this page for the most accurate information regarding learning support service updates:


There are a number of math tutoring and learning support resources both within and outside of the Department of Mathematics. Most are free for students!

Math Department Resources


Mathlab is a free, drop-in tutorial program through the Department of Mathematics. It is primarily staffed by Math Department teaching assistants. Mathlab is open both in the fall and spring semesters of each academic year, but is closed during the summer sessions. The courses Mathlab covers are MATH 96, 112, 113, 114, 141, 171, 211, 213, 217, 221, 222, 234, and 240.

Students work on problems together with others taking the same course with the help of the Mathlab staff. Students wishing to attend Mathlab will find that attempting the problem beforehand will help them learn more effectively.

Students with more extensive questions should see their instructor. Students wanting regular help outside class may also wish to ask their instructor about the Tutorial Program (see below).

Supervisor: Gabriele Meyer


Mathlab will be available online for the remainder of the semester through the newly established Canvas Mathlab site. This course has enabled open enrollment. You can self-enroll here:

Once in the Canvas Mathlab site:

  • Click on BBCollaborate Ultra on the left side bar. You will see the Mathlab course room icon at the top of the list of sessions.
  • Click and join.

The fall back option is Piazza, if this does not work.

Mahtlab tutoring in this format will start on Sunday, 3/22 and go until Thursday, 4/30.

Mathematics Tutorial Program

The Mathematics Tutorial Program offers free tutoring in a cooperative learning environment for students enrolled in MATH 113, 114, 171, 211, 213, 217, 221, 222, and 234.

Tutorial sessions meet twice a week for 50 minutes at a time. Each session is made up of (at most) 8 to 10 students, all of whom are taking the same mathematics class. Along with a tutor, they spend the time working practice problems at the board; the tutor works around the room, talking with each student in turn.

Attendance at tutorial sessions is mandatory to participate in the program.


Please contact Program Director Frank Rooney ( for information on Tutorial Program participation on Canvas.

Algebra Lab

Algebra Lab hours in the WisCEL space serves students in MATH 96 and 112. These courses are taught in a blended format and students can get help during the lab hours.

Students can get help from instructors, teaching assistants, and student assistants in MATH 96 and 112. It's a great study space as well, and students can feel free to come in and work on their assignments.

Review Workshops

What are you supposed to know in your math class?

The Mathematics Tutorial Program offers review workshops at the beginning of classes each semester. These workshops cover some of the material that your instructor assumes you will remember from previous courses.

Workshops are offered for MATH 171, 211, 213, 217, 221, 222, and 234.

Office Hours

All teaching assistants (TAs) and professors schedule two or more office hours per week; those are times which your instructor has set aside specifically to work with students from their classes. Office hour schedules are announced in class, and should also be posted on the instructor's office door.

Where is my instructor's office? Does my instructor have a homepage, or email address?

Office listings for Math Department faculty, staff, and TAs are posted by each elevator in Van Vleck Hall; otherwise, one can check the directories of Math Department professors, staff, and TAs on the department website:


Please contact your instructor regarding how they are currently hosting office hours. Campus buildings are currently closed for such things.

Astronomy, Math, and Physics (AMP) Library

The UW-Madison Astronomy, Math, and Physics (AMP) Library website has a number of math resources for students, including a database of course reserves and exams.

Campus Resources

Greater University Tutoring Service (GUTS)

GUTS is a Registered Student Organization (RSO) dedicated to connecting UW students with volunteer tutors for assistance with academic courses, study skills, conversational English, and intercultural exchange. Programs include drop-in tutoring, Academic Match (small group) tutoring, Study Skills, and the Study and Learning Skills Service (for McBurney students). They provide free tutoring and mentoring to hundreds of students and university affiliates each semester!

Undergraduate Learning Center (ULC)

**Drop-in tutoring through the ULC is available to all students, including those outside of the College of Engineering.

The Undergraduate Learning Center (ULC) provides tutoring and academic support programs for undergraduates interested in studying engineering.

Their programs focus on supporting challenging courses that students take to progress in their engineering department. The ULC also provides support in select core engineering, math, statistics and science courses. The ULC is a place where students study, form study groups, and discuss engineering concepts and problem solving strategies with their peers and with the tutors.

University Housing

University Housing has a number of resources available to help students be academically successful at UW-Madison. Examples include Math tutoring, Chemistry tutoring, and drop-in writing tutoring provided by Writing Center instructors.

Center for Academic Excellence (CAE)

The CAE Tutorial Program provides one-on-one and group academic mentoring options for first-generation, low-income, and underrepresented students in the College of Letters & Science.

Academic Coaching and Tutoring Services (ACTS)

ACTS provides peer-to-peer tutoring to students in the Division of Diversity, Equity and Educational Achievement (DDEEA) to help them achieve academic success and thrive at UW-Madison.

While ACTS is available only to DDEEA students, any qualified UW student can become an academic coach.

Additional Resources

Many tutoring and learning support resources on the UW-Madison campus are FREE! The Office of Undergraduate Advising maintains an excellent page dedicated to free UW-Madison tutoring and learning support resources. The page includes information on a number of resources, FAQs, a GPA calculator, and more!

Private Tutoring

The Math Department publishes a list of Mathematics graduate students who are willing to tutor students. Meeting locations and fees for tutors vary, but there are tutors available for most undergraduate courses.

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