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(February 8, Cullen McDonald)
(February 15, TBA)
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=== February 8, Cullen McDonald ===
=== February 8, Cullen McDonald ===
=== February 15, TBA ===
=== February 15, Paul Tveite ===
Fun with Hamel Bases!
=== February 22, TBA ===
=== February 22, TBA ===

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The AMS Student Chapter Seminar is an informal, graduate student-run seminar on a wide range of mathematical topics. Pastries (usually donuts) will be provided.

Everyone is welcome to give a talk. To sign up, please contact one of the organizers with a title and abstract. Talks are 30 minutes long and should avoid assuming significant mathematical background beyond first-year graduate courses.

The schedule of talks from past semesters can be found here.

Spring 2017

January 25, Brandon Alberts

Title: Ultraproducts - they aren't just for logicians

Abstract: If any of you have attended a logic talk (or one of Ivan's donut seminar talks) you may have learned about ultraproducts as a weird way to mash sets together to get bigger sets in a nice way. Something particularly useful to set theorists, but maybe not so obviously useful to the rest of us. I will give an accessible introduction to ultraproducts and motivate their use in other areas of mathematics.

February 1, Megan Maguire

Title: Hyperbolic crochet workshop

Abstract: TBA

February 8, Cullen McDonald

February 15, Paul Tveite

Fun with Hamel Bases!

February 22, TBA

March 1, TBA

March 8, TBA

March 15, TBA

March 29, TBA

April 5, TBA

April 12, TBA

April 19, TBA

April 26, TBA

May 3, TBA