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(Analysis Seminar Schedule Spring 2017)
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|January 24
|January 24
| Tamás Darvas (Maryland) -- Analysis-Geometry  Seminar
| Tamás Darvas (Maryland)  
|[[#linktoabstract  |  TBA ]]
|[[#linktoabstract  |  TBA ]]
| Viaclovsky
| Viaclovsky

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Analysis Seminar Current Semester

The seminar will meet Tuesdays, 4:00 p.m. in VV B139, unless otherwise indicated.

If you wish to invite a speaker please contact Andreas at seeger(at)math

Previous Analysis seminars

Analysis Seminar Schedule Spring 2017

date speaker title host(s)
January 24 Tamás Darvas (Maryland) TBA Viaclovsky
February 7 Speaker Title
March 7 Roger Temam (Indiana) Mathematics Department Distinguished Lecture TBA Smith
March 8 Roger Temam (Indiana) Joint Applied Math/Analysis Seminar TBA Smith
March 28 Brian Cook (Fields Institute) TBA Seeger



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