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(Current Analysis Seminar Schedule)
(Current Analysis Seminar Schedule)
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|March 16
|March 16
|Ziming Shi
|Rutgers University
|[[#linktoabstract  |  Title ]]
|[[#linktoabstract  |  Title ]]

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The 2020-2021 Analysis Seminar will be organized by David Beltran and Andreas Seeger. It will be online at least for the Fall semester, with details to be announced in September. The regular time for the Seminar will be Tuesdays at 4:00 p.m. (in some cases we will schedule the seminar earlier, or on different days, to accomodate speakers).

Zoom links will be sent to those who have signed up for the Analysis Seminar List. For instructions how to sign up for seminar lists, see https://www.math.wisc.edu/node/230

If you'd like to suggest speakers for the spring semester please contact David and Andreas (dbeltran at math, seeger at math).



Current Analysis Seminar Schedule

date speaker institution title host(s)
September 22 Alexei Poltoratski UW Madison Dirac inner functions
September 29 Polona Durcik Chapman University A triangular Hilbert transform with curvature, I
Wednesday September 30, 4 p.m. Joris Roos University of Massachusetts - Lowell A triangular Hilbert transform with curvature, II
October 6 Andrew Zimmer UW Madison Title
October 13 Hong Wang Princeton/IAS Title
October 20 Kevin Luli UC Davis Title
October 27 Terence Harris Cornell University Title
Monday, November 2, 4 p.m. Yuval Wigderson Stanford University Title
November 10 Óscar Domínguez Universidad Complutense de Madrid Title
November 17 Tamas Titkos BBS U of Applied Sciences and Renyi Institute Title
November 24 Shukun Wu University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign) Title
December 1 Jonathan Hickman The University of Edinburgh Title
December 8 TBA Title
February 2 Jongchon Kim UBC Title
February 9 Bingyang Hu Purdue University Title
February 16 David Beltran UW - Madison Title
February 23 Title
March 2 Title
March 9 Title
March 16 Ziming Shi Rutgers University Title
March 23 Title
March 30 Title
April 6 Title
April 13 Title
April 20 Title
April 27 Title
May 4 Title


Alexei Poltoratski

Title: Dirac inner functions

Abstract: My talk will focus on some new (and old) complex analytic objects arising from Dirac systems of differential equations. We will discuss connections between problems in complex function theory, spectral and scattering problems for differential operators and the non-linear Fourier transform.

Polona Durcik and Joris Roos

Title: A triangular Hilbert transform with curvature, I & II.

Abstract: The triangular Hilbert is a two-dimensional bilinear singular originating in time-frequency analysis. No Lp bounds are currently known for this operator. In these two talks we discuss a recent joint work with Michael Christ on a variant of the triangular Hilbert transform involving curvature. This object is closely related to the bilinear Hilbert transform with curvature and a maximally modulated singular integral of Stein-Wainger type. As an application we also discuss a quantitative nonlinear Roth type theorem on patterns in the Euclidean plane. The second talk will focus on the proof of a key ingredient, a certain regularity estimate for a local operator.











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