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(Archived semesters)
(Fall 2016)
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| Oct. 14
| Oct. 14
|[http://sites.mech.ubc.ca/~gelfring/ Gwynn Elfring] (UBC)
|[http://sites.mech.ubc.ca/~gelfring/ Gwynn Elfring] (UBC)
|''[[Applied/ACMS/absF16#Gwynn Elfring (UBC)|TBA]]''
|''[[Applied/ACMS/absF16#Gwynn Elfring (UBC)|An active particle in a complex fluid]]''
| Spagnolie  
| Spagnolie  

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Applied and Computational Mathematics Seminar

Fall 2016

date speaker title host(s)
Sept. 2 Nicolas Seguin (Universite Nantes) Non-hydrostatic extension of classical shallow-water models Jin
Wed. Sept. 7 Rich Kerswell (Bristol University) Using optimization to reveal scaling laws in turbulent flows Waleffe
Sept. 16
Sept. 23 Yalchin Efendiev (TAMU) A generalized multiscale model reduction technique for heterogeneous problems Li
Sept. 30 Michael Ferris (Madison) Fish, cows, fields of fuel and optimization Spagnolie
Oct. 7 Nick Moore (FSU) How bodies erode and dissolve in fluid flows Spagnolie
Oct. 14 Gwynn Elfring (UBC) An active particle in a complex fluid Spagnolie
Oct. 21 Jacob Bedrossian (Maryland) TBA Li
Wed. Oct. 26 Clemens Heitzinger (Vienna Technical University) TBA Jin
Oct. 28 Benjamin Peherstorfer (Madison) TBA
Nov. 4 Ophelia Venturelli (Madison) TBA Jean-Luc
Nov. 11 Yu Gu (Stanford) TBA Li
Nov. 18 Enkeleida Lushi (Courant) TBA Spagnolie
Nov. 25 Thanksgiving recess
Dec. 2 Jun Zhang (Courant) TBA Spagnolie
Dec. 9

Archived semesters

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