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(Fall 2017)
(Fall 2017)
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| Oct. 20
| Oct. 20
|[https://www.math.purdue.edu/~xiaj/] (Purdue)
|[https://www.math.purdue.edu/~xiaj/ Jianlin Xia] (Purdue)
|''[[Applied/ACMS/absF17#Jianlin Xia (Purdue)|TBA]]''
|''[[Applied/ACMS/absF17#Jianlin Xia (Purdue)|TBA]]''

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Applied and Computational Mathematics Seminar

Fall 2017

date speaker title host(s)
Sept. 8 Jinzi Mac Huang (Courant) Sculpting of a dissolving body Spagnolie
Sept. 15
Sept. 22
Sept. 29 Dongnam Ko (Seoul National Univ.) TBA Jin
Oct. 6
Oct. 13 Yingwei Wang (UW) TBA Spagnolie
Oct. 20 Jianlin Xia (Purdue) TBA Li
Oct. 27 Smith
Nov. 3 Becca Thomases (UC Davis) TBA Spagnolie
Nov. 10 (hg)
Nov. 17 Charles Doering (Michigan) TBA Spagnolie, Thiffeault
Nov. 25 Thanksgiving recess
Dec. 1
Dec. 8 Aaron Fogelson (Utah) TBA Spagnolie

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