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(Fall 2014 Semester)
(Fall 2014 Semester)
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|Oct. 24
|Oct. 24
|Oct. 31
|Oct. 31

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Applied and Computational Mathematics Seminar

Fall 2014 Semester

Nov. 12
date speaker title host(s)
Sept. 12 Agisilaos Athanasoulis (Leicester) Semiclassical regularisation for ill-posed classical flows: microlocal coarse-graining beyond Wigner measures Shi Jin
Sept. 19 Dongbin Xiu (Utah) Uncertainty quantification algorithms for large-scale systems Shi Jin
Sept. 26 Stanislav Boldyrev (UW) Recent results on magnetohydrodynamic turbulence Saverio and David
Oct. 3 Erik Bollt (Clarkson) Shape coherence and finite-time curvature evolution Jean-Luc
Wed. Oct. 8 Mohammad Motamed (New Mexico) Uncertainty quantification for wave propagation problems, analysis and computation Shi Jin
Oct. 17 (4pm in VV B239) Roseanna Zia (Cornell) A micro-mechanical study of coarsening and rheology of colloidal gels: Cage building, cage hopping, and Smoluchowski’s ratchet Saverio
Oct. 24 [[Applied/ACMS/absF14#|]]
Oct. 31 Dan Hu (SJTU) Optimization, adaptation, and initiation of biological transport networks Shi Jin
Nov. 7 Tim Chumley (Iowa State) TBA Saverio
Alina Chertock (NCSU) Pedestrian flow models with slowdown interactions]] Shi Jin
Nov. 14 David Sondak (UW) TBA Saverio
Nov. 21 Mary Silber (Northwestern) TBA Marko
Nov. 28 Thanksgiving recess
Dec. 5 Margaret McFall-Ngai (UW) TBA Saverio

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