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  • When: Fridays at 2:25pm
  • Where: 901 Van Vleck Hall

Spring 2011 Semester

Date Speaker Title (click to see abstract) Host
Mathematics Colloqium
April 15 (Friday at 4pm, B239 Van Vleck)
Max Gunzburger,
Florida State University
TBA James Rossmanith
April 22 (Friday) Vageli Coutsias,
University of New Mexico
TBA Julie Mitchell
April 27 (Wednesday) Michael Holst,
UC San Diego
TBA Shi Jin
April 29 (Friday) Smadar Karni,
University of Michigan
Numerical approximation of shock waves in non-conservative hyperbolic systems James Rossmanith
May 4 (Wednesday) Tim Barth,
TBA James Rossmanith

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