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Applied and Computational Mathematics Seminar

Fall 2013 Semester

date speaker title host(s)
Sept 13 TBA TBA
Sept 18, 2:25pm, 901 Amit Einav (Cambridge) TBA Shi Jin
Sept 27 TBA TBA
Oct 11 Junping Wang (National Science Foundation) TBA Shi Jin
Oct 18 Shilpa Khatri (UNC) TBA Stechmann, Spagnolie
Oct 25 Igor Aronson (Argonne National Lab) TBA Jean-Luc, Saverio
Nov 15 TBA TBA
Nov 22 TBA TBA
Dec 6 Yoichiro Mori (Minnesota) TBA Jean-Luc, Saverio
Dec 13 TBA TBA

Spring 2013 Semester

date speaker title host(s)
Feb 15, 4pm, B239 Eric Lauga (UCSD) Optimization in fluid-based locomotion Colloquium
Feb 22 Arnd Scheel (Minnesota) Pattern selection in the wake of fronts Jean-Luc, Saverio
March 1 Kourosh Shoele (RE Vision Consulting) Fluid interactions with structures, from fish fins to hydrokinetic devices Saverio
March 8 Andrej Zlatoš (UW) Reactive processes in inhomogeneous media Jean-Luc, Saverio
March 15 Cary Forest (UW) Stirring magnetized plasma Jean-Luc, Saverio
March 22 Matthew Johnston (UW) Characterization of Steady States of Mass Action Systems by Correspondence to Weakly Reversible Networks Jean-Luc, Saverio
April 3, 3:30pm, B131 Vu Hoang (Karlsruhe) Nonexistence of bound states for a periodic waveguide problem Sasha Kiselev
April 5 Nigel Boston (UW) Invariant-Based Face Recognition Jean-Luc, Saverio
April 12 Shanan Peters (UW) CANCELLED Jean-Luc, Saverio
April 19 Shreyas Mandre (Brown) Linear stability of time-dependent flows: dissolution-driven convection Jean-Luc, Saverio
April 26 Ben Recht (UW) A convex perspective on spectral methods in signal processing Jean-Luc, Saverio
May 10 Silas Alben (Michigan) Optimizing snake locomotion in the plane Jean-Luc, Saverio

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