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(Fall 2015 Semester)
(Archived semesters)
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== Archived semesters ==
== Archived semesters ==
*[[Applied/Physical_Applied_Math/Fall2015|Fall 2015]]
*[[Applied/Physical_Applied_Math/Spring2015|Spring 2015]]
*[[Applied/Physical_Applied_Math/Spring2015|Spring 2015]]
*[[Applied/Physical_Applied_Math/Summer2014|Summer 2014]]
*[[Applied/Physical_Applied_Math/Summer2014|Summer 2014]]

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Physical Applied Math Group Meeting

Fall 2015 Semester

date speaker title
Sep 3 Jean-Luc Thiffeault Optimizing heat exchangers
Sep 10 Colin Wahl Computing the Evans function via solving a linear boundary-value ODE
Sep 17 Faculty Meeting
Sep 24 Will Mitchell Radiative heat transfer between surfaces
Oct 1 no meeting
Oct 8 Marko Budisic (Meta)heuristic optimization: Simulated annealing, Genetic algorithms, and other black magic [a good survey]
Oct 15 Peter Mueller Non-classical size-dependent particle diffusion in active fluids [experimental results] and, as time permits, [theoretical background]
Oct 22 Saverio Spagnolie Swimming in anisotropic fluids [1], [2]
Oct 29 Tom Morrell Global time evolution of viscous vortex rings [3]
Nov 5 Art Evans The force on a boundary in active matter [4]
Nov 12 Brian Street (Analysis seminar)
Nov 19 Faculty Meeting
Nov 26 Thanksgiving break
Dec 3 Will Mitchell A new traction boundary integral equation
Dec 10 Faculty Meeting

Archived semesters

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