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(Spring 2015)
(Spring 2015)
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|Mar 26
|Mar 26
|Lei Li
|Lei Li
|Complex analysis for a flapping wing in a potential flow
|Complex analysis for a flapping wing in inviscid flow
|Apr 2
|Apr 2

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Physical Applied Math Group Meeting

Spring 2015

date speaker title/paper
Jan 22 Faculty meeting
Jan 29 Saverio Optimal geometries in liquid crystals
Feb 5 Will Mitchell Lauga, Locomotion in complex fluids: Integral theorems, Phys. Fluids (2014)
Feb 12 Marko Zhang, Liu and Wang, Koopman Modes, Dynamic Mode Decomposition, and POD, J. Fluids. Struct. (2014)
Feb 19 Faculty meeting (moved from Feb 12 due to Gloria's absence)
Feb 26 Jean-Luc On sedimentation and velocity fluctuations
Mar 5 Peter Zhang and Lin, Stirring by multi-cylinder in potential flow, preprint, (2014).
Mar 12 Faculty meeting
Mar 19 Jim Turing, The Chemical Basis of Morphogenesis, Phil. Trans. Roy. Soc. Lond. B (1952).
Mar 26 Lei Li Complex analysis for a flapping wing in inviscid flow
Apr 2 Spring break
Apr 9 Faculty meeting
Apr 16 Tom
Apr 23 Colin
Apr 30 Keith
May 7 Faculty meeting

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