Applied and Computational Mathematics

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Applied Mathematics at UW Madison

Tenured and tenure-track faculty in applied math

David Anderson: (Duke, 2005) Probability, mathematical/systems biology.

Sigurd Angenent:

Amir Assadi:

Nigel Boston:

Gheorghe Craciun:

Shi Jin:

Alex Kiselev:

Gloria Mari-Beffa:

Paul Milewski:

Julie Mitchell: (Berkeley, 1998) computational mathematics, structural biology.

James Rossmanith: (Washington, 2002) computational math, hyperbolic conservation laws, models of collisionless plasma, numerical relativity.

Leslie Smith:

Sam Stechmann:

Jean-Luc Thiffeault: (Texas, 1998) fluid dynamics, mixing, biological swimming and mixing, topological dynamics.

Fabian Waleffe:

Postdoctoral fellows in applied mathematics

Seminars in applied mathematics

Applied and Computational Math Seminar (Fridays at 2:25, VV901)