Colloquia 2012-2013

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Mathematics Colloquium

Fall 2010

date speaker title host(s)
sept 3 Timo Seppalainen (Madison) TBA local
sept 10 Moe Hirsch (Madison) Actions of Lie groups and Lie algebras on manifolds local
sept 17 Uri Andrews (Madison) TBA local
sept 24 Margo Anderson (UW-Milwaukee) The Politics of Numbers Jordan (Math and... seminar)
oct 1 Matthew Finn (U. of Adelaide) TBA Jean-Luc
oct 8 Anita Wager (Madison) TBA Steffen
oct 15 Felipe Voloch (U. Texas Austin) TBA Nigel
oct 22 Markus Banagl (U. Heidelberg) TBA Maxim
nov 5 Tom Hales (Pittsburgh) TBA Nigel (Distinguished lecture)
nov 19 Benson Farb (Chicago) TBA Jean-Luc
dec 1 (special day) Peter Markowich (Cambridge) TBA (Wasow Lecture)