Geometry and Topology

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Geometry and Topology

Senior faculty in Geometry

Richard Peabody Kent IV (UT Austin, 2006) Hyperbolic geometry, mapping class groups, geometric group theory, connections to algebra.

Gloria Mari-Beffa (U Minnesota – Minneapolis 1991) Differential geometry, invariant theory, completely integrable systems.

Laurentiu Maxim (U Penn 2005) Geometry and topology of singularities.

Yong-Geun Oh (Berkeley 1988) Floer theory and its application to symplectic topology and mirror symmetry.

Sean T. Paul (Princeton 2000) Complex differential geometry.

Jeff Viaclovsky (Princeton 1999) Differential geometry, geometric analysis.

Bing Wang (UW – Madison 2008) Geometric flows.

Postdoctoral faculty in Geometry

Ruifang Song (Harvard 2011) Geometry, periods and moduli of Calabi-Yau manifolds.


Joel Robbin (Princeton 1965) Dynamical systems and symplectic geometry.

Seminars in Geometry

Geometry and Topology Seminar

PDE Geometric Analysis seminar

Symplectic Geometry Seminar

Upcoming conferences in Geometry held at UW

Previous conferences in Geometry held at UW

Singularities in the Midwest, II.

Singularities in the Midwest