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=== Gaven Marin ===
=== Gaven Marin ===
=== Peyman Morteza ===
=== Peyman Morteza ===

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The Geometry and Topology seminar meets in room B223 of Van Vleck Hall on Fridays from 1:20pm - 2:10pm.
For more information, contact Alexandra Kjuchukova or Lu Wang .


Fall 2016

date speaker title host(s)
September 9 Bing Wang (UW Madison) "The extension problem of the mean curvature flow" (Local)
September 16 Ben Weinkove (Northwestern University) "Gauduchon metrics with prescribed volume form" Lu Wang
September 23 Jiyuan Han (UW Madison) "TBA" (Local)
September 30
October 7 Yu Li (UW Madison) "TBA" (Local)
October 14 Sean Howe (University of Chicago) "TBA" Melanie Matchett Wood
October 21 Nan Li (CUNY) "TBA" Lu Wang
October 28 Ronan Conlon "TBA" Bing Wang
November 4 Jonathan Zhu (Harvard University) "TBA" Lu Wang
November 7 Gaven Martin (University of New Zealand) "TBA" Simon Marshall
November 11
November 18 Caglar Uyanik (Illinois) "TBA" Kent
Thanksgiving Recess
December 2 Peyman Morteza (UW Madison) "TBA" (Local)
December 9
December 16

Fall Abstracts

Ronan Conlon


Jiyuan Han


Sean Howe


Nan Li


Yu Li


Gaven Marin


Peyman Morteza


Caglar Uyanik


Bing Wang

The extension problem of the mean curvature flow

We show that the mean curvature blows up at the first finite singular time for a closed smooth embedded mean curvature flow in R^3. A key ingredient of the proof is to show a two-sided pseudo-locality property of the mean curvature flow, whenever the mean curvature is bounded. This is a joint work with Haozhao Li.

Ben Weinkove

Gauduchon metrics with prescribed volume form

Every compact complex manifold admits a Gauduchon metric in each conformal class of Hermitian metrics. In 1984 Gauduchon conjectured that one can prescribe the volume form of such a metric. I will discuss the proof of this conjecture, which amounts to solving a nonlinear Monge-Ampere type equation. This is a joint work with Gabor Szekelyhidi and Valentino Tosatti.

Jonathan Zhu


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