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It is a weekly seminar by graduate students. Anyone is welcome. If you would like to present a topic, please contact Tommy Wong. All seminars are on eitehr Tuesdays or Thursdays at 3:55pm in room B203VV, which is reserved until 5:30pm for further discussions.

Fall 2012

date speaker title
Sept. 18 (Tue) KaiHo Wong Organization and Milnor fibration and Milnor Fiber
Sept. 25 (Tue) KaiHo Wong Algebraic links and exotic spheres
Oct. 4 (Thu) Yun Su (Suky) Alexander polynomial of complex algebraic curve (Note the different day but same time and location)
Oct. 11 (Thu) Yongqiang Liu Sheaves and Hypercohomology
Oct. 18 (Thu) Jeff Poskin Toric Varieties II
Nov. 1 (Thu) Yongqiang Liu Mixed Hodge Structure
Nov. 8 (Thu) KaiHo Wong Euler characteristics and cohomology of hypersurfaces (complete intersection)
Nov. 13 speaker title
Nov. 27 speaker title
Dec. 11 speaker title


Thu, 10/4: Suky

Alexander polynomial of complex algebraic curve

I will extend the definition of Alexander polynomial in knot theory to an complex algebraic curve. From the definition, it is clear that Alexander polynomial is an topological invariant for curves. I will explain how the topology of a curve control its Alexander polynomial, in terms of the factors. Calculations of some examples will be provided.