K3 Seminar Spring 2019

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When: Thursday 5-7 pm

Where: Van Vleck TBA


Date Speaker Title
March 7 Mao Li Basics of K3 Surfaces and the Grothendieck-Riemann-Roch theorem
March 14 Shengyuan Huang Elliptic K3 Surfaces
March 28 Zheng Lu Moduli of Stable Sheaves on a K3 Surface
April 4 Canberk Irimagzi Fourier-Mukai Transforms
April 11 David Wagner Cohomology of Complex K3 Surfaces and the Global Torelli Theorem
April 25 TBA Derived Categories of K3 Surfaces

March 7

Vladimir Sotirov
Title: Heisenberg Groups and the Fourier Transform

Abstract: I will discuss the relationship between Fourier transforms and the Heisenberg groups, with a view toward the discussion of line bundles on complex tori that appears in Polishchuk's book Abelian Varieties, Theta functions, and the Fourier transform.

March 14


Vladimir Sotirov



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