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January 24

Tamar Ziegler (Technion)
Title: tba

Abstract: tba

January 31

William Stein (U. of Washington)
Title: How explicit is the explicit formula?

Abstract: Consider an elliptic curve E. The explicit formula for E relates a sum involving the numbers ap(E) to a sum of three quantities, one involving the analytic rank of the curve, another involving the zeros of the L-series of the curve, and the third, a bounded error term. Barry Mazur and I are attempting to see how numerically explicit – for particular examples – we can make each term in this formula. I'll explain this adventure in a bit more detail, show some plots, and explain what they represent.

February 7

Nigel Boston (Madison)
Title: A refined conjecture on factoring iterates of polynomials over finite fields

Abstract: tba

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Robert Harron

Zev Klagsbrun

Sean Rostami

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