PDE Geometric Analysis seminar

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The seminar will be held in room 901 of Van Vleck Hall on Mondays from 3:30pm - 4:30pm, unless indicated otherwise.

Previous PDE/GA seminars

Tentative schedule for Spring 2016

Seminar Schedule Fall 2015

date speaker title host(s)
September 7 (Labor Day)
September 14 Hung Tran (Madison) Some inverse problems in periodic homogenization of Hamilton--Jacobi equations We look at the effective Hamiltonian $\overline{H}$ associated with the Hamiltonian $H(p,x)=H(p)+V(x)$ in the periodic homogenization theory. Our central goal is to understand the relation between $V$ and $\overline{H}$ . We formulate

some inverse problems concerning this relation. Such type of inverse problems are in general very challenging. I will discuss some interesting cases in both convex and nonconvex settings. Joint work with Songting Luo and Yifeng Yu.

September 21 Eric Baer (Madison) TBA
September 28 Donghyun Lee (Madison) TBA
October 5 Hyung-Ju Hwang (Postech & Brown Univ) TBA Kim
October 12 Binh Tran (Madison) TBA
October 19 Bob Jensen (Loyola University Chicago) TBA Tran
October 26 Luis Silvestre (Chicago) TBA Kim
November 2 Connor Mooney (UT Austin) TBA Lin
November 9 Yifeng Yu (UC Irvine) TBA Tran
November 16 Lu Wang (Madison) TBA
November 23
November 30
December 7
December 14 reserved Zlatos