PDE Geometric Analysis seminar

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The seminar will be held in room 901 of Van Vleck Hall on Mondays from 3:30pm - 4:30pm, unless indicated otherwise.

Previous PDE/GA seminars

Seminar Schedule Fall 2014

date speaker title host(s)
September 15 Greg Kuperberg (UC-Davis) Cartan-Hadamard and the Little Prince Viaclovsky
September 22 (joint with Analysis Seminar) Steven Hofmann (U. of Missouri)
Oct 6th, Xiangwen Zhang (Columbia University)
October 13 Xuwen Chen (Brown University)
October 20 Kyudong Choi (UW-Madison)
Finite time blow up for 1D models for the 3D Axisymmetric Euler Equations / the

2D Boussinesq system

October 27 Chanwoo Kim (UW-Madison)


November 10 Philip Isett (MIT) TBA C.Kim

Fall Abstracts

Greg Kuperberg

Cartan-Hadamard and the Little Prince.

Kyudong Choi

In connection with the recent proposal for possible singularity formation at the boundary for solutions of the 3d axi-symmetric incompressible Euler's equations / the 2D Boussinesq system (Luo and Hou, 2013), we study models for the dynamics at the boundary and show that they exhibit a finite-time blow-up from smooth data. This is joint work with T. Hou, A. Kiselev, G. Luo, V. Sverak, and Y. Yao.