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(April 30, 2020, Will Perkins (University of Illinois at Chicago))
(April 30, 2020, Will Perkins (University of Illinois at Chicago))
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== April 30, 2020, Will Perkins (University of Illinois at Chicago) ==
== April 30, 2020, [http://willperkins.org/ Will Perkins] (University of Illinois at Chicago) ==
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Spring 2020

Thursdays in 901 Van Vleck Hall at 2:30 PM, unless otherwise noted. We usually end for questions at 3:20 PM.

If you would like to sign up for the email list to receive seminar announcements then please send an email to join-probsem@lists.wisc.edu

January 23, 2020, Timo Seppalainen (UW Madison)

Non-existence of bi-infinite geodesics in the exponential corner growth model

Whether bi-infinite geodesics exist has been a significant open problem in first- and last-passage percolation since the mid-80s. A non-existence proof in the case of directed planar last-passage percolation with exponential weights was posted by Basu, Hoffman and Sly in November 2018. Their proof utilizes estimates from integrable probability. This talk describes an independent proof completed 10 months later that relies on couplings, coarse graining, and control of geodesics through planarity and increment-stationary last-passage percolation. Joint work with Marton Balazs and Ofer Busani (Bristol).

January 30, 2020, Scott Smith (UW Madison)

February 6, 2020, Cheuk-Yin Lee (Michigan State)

February 13, 2020, Jelena Diakonikolas (UW Madison)

February 20, 2020, Philip Matchett Wood (UC Berkeley)

February 27, 2020, TBA

March 5, 2020, Jiaoyang Huang (IAS)

March 12, 2020, TBA

March 26, 2020, Philippe Sosoe (Cornell)

April 2, 2020, TBA

April 9, 2020, TBA

April 16, 2020, TBA

April 22-24, 2020, FRG Integrable Probability meeting

April 30, 2020, Will Perkins (University of Illinois at Chicago)

Past Seminars