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* September 25: Polynomials and Algebra [[Media:Putnam2012Week2Problems.pdf | Problems]]
* September 25: Polynomials and Algebra [[Media:Putnam2012Week2Problems.pdf | Problems]]
* October 2: Number Theory [[Media:Putnam2012Week3Problems.pdf | Problems]]
* October 2: Number Theory [[Media:Putnam2012Week3Problems.pdf | Problems]]
* October 9: Calculus [[Media:Putnam2012Week4Problems.pdf | Problems]]
==Fall 2011==
==Fall 2011==

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Organizers: Benedek Valko, Uri Andrews, Brian Rice

The Putnam Exam, offered by the Mathematical Association of America, is the premier American math competition for undergraduate students. It is given each year on the first Saturday in December. The exam consists of 12 problems, 6 in the 3 hour morning session and 6 in the 3 hour afternoon session. Each problem is worth 10 points, so the maximum score is 120. National winners usually get around 100 points. The median score is generally around 0-2 points. This is a difficult exam with many interesting and fun problems.

Old exams and more information on the Putnam competition.

Fall 2012

The Putnam Club will help you prepare for the exam by practicing on problems from previous years and other olympiad-style problems. This year, the Putnam Club will meet on Tuesdays from 5:30-7:00 PM, beginning on September 11, in room B139 Van Vleck Hall. After the first week, problem sets will appear here roughly one week before we discuss them, as well as being handed out in the previous week's meeting. It is not necessary to solve any problems to come to the meeting, but you are encouraged to spend time working on them.

Partway through the semester we will hold a Mock Putnam exam to help us determine the official team members. Details will be announced at a later date.

Brian Rice is running the seminar each week unless otherwise noted.

Fall 2011