Shimura Varieties Reading Group

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  • Lecture: tbd
  • Chitchat: tbd

We will be reading through Milne's Introduction to Shimura Varieties and understanding the necessary prerequisites. Participants will be asked to present on various topics.

Spring 2013 Semester

Date Speaker Topic
tbd tbd GL(2) and the upper-half plane
tbd tbd GSp(2g) and the Siegel upper half space
tbd tbd Unitary groups and complex balls
tbd tbd O(n, 2) and the space of oriented negative definite planes
tbd tbd Abelian varieties and PEL data
tbd tbd Complex multiplication
tbd tbd Definition of canonical models
tbd tbd Examples of canonical models

Fall 2012 Semester

  • Lecture: Tuesdays, 3:45pm–4:45pm, in VV B321
  • Chitchat: Thursdays, 3:45pm 'til done, in the 9th floor lounge (except during faculty meetings).
Date Speaker Topic
Oct 9 (Tues.) Sean Rostami Background on Riemannian geometry
Oct 16 (Tues.) Sean Rostami Background on Riemannian geometry (cont.)
Oct 23 (Tues.) Lalit Jain Background on Hermitian geometry
Oct 30 (Tues.) Lalit Jain Continuation / Hermitian symmetric domains
Nov 6 (Tues.) Peng Yu Hodge structures (Milne §2)
Nov 13 (Tues.) Yueke Hu Locally symmetric varieties (Milne §3)
Dec 11 (Tues.) Robert Harron What we've done and where we're going


Robert Harron

Sean Rostami

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