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  • #) users that are continuing to collaborate with faculty or staff for research #) users that wish to continue to receive mail under their math account for a time.
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  • ...rticles of advanced age or unpleasant aroma may be summarily removed. All users are requested to leave the lounge, and especially the kitchen, at least as
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  • ...o a linux computer or as the X: drive when you log into a Windows machine. Users sometimes need to access this space from their own laptop or home computers mathfs"</code></nowiki>. For bash users, add a line similar to the following: alias mathfs='sshfs jsmith@login.math
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  • ...sense will be deleted after a short grace period. During that period, such users can save their user files elsewhere. Here are a few more details on this to ...primarily to notify people about matters related to their jobs and, hence, users can neither subscribe to nor unsubscribe from these lists. The lists will b
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  • The Math Department users must also follow these guidelines. ...will occasionally scan for sensitive data on our servers, and may contact users on how to best dispose of sensitive data on their network shares. Sensitiv
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  • ...y leave. You can use a program called md2mb for this purpose. Md2mb allows users to make backups of their mail in mbox format which is recognized by the imp
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