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About us

Women in Mathematics at Wisconsin (WIMAW) fosters the growth and development of the members of the mathematics community at UW Madison through exposure to outstanding women mathematicians and provides a supportive community among the women in the department with a connection to the larger math community. To this end, we have many events throughout the semester, including potlucks for current and prospective graduate students, a lecture series in our departmental colloquium, and lunches with our invited speakers. We also participate in outreach programs to the community through UW Mentorship program for women in Math and Science and working with local Girl Scouts. We are a student registered organization at the UW Madison, and our membership is open to any graduate student, advanced undergraduate planning to enter graduate school the following year, faculty member, or academic staff member who works primarily in the field of mathematics enrolled or working at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


Events 2012-2013

Thursday, October 11:  Irene Gamba (UT Austin)
Analytical and numerical issues associated with the dynamics of the non-linear Boltzmann equation

Friday, September 21:  Joyce McLaughlin (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
Mathematics for Imaging Biomechanical Parameters in Dynamic Elastography

Events 2011-2012

We are planning to have several speakers and a few lunches this year. More information will be available as we confirm the dates of our speakers.

Friday, Nov 4: Sijue Wu (U Michigan)
Wellposedness of the two and three dimensional full water wave problem
We consider the question of global in time existence and uniqueness of solutions of the infinite depth full water wave problem. We show that the nature of the nonlinearity of the water wave equation is essentially of cubic and higher orders. For any initial data that is small in its kinetic energy and height, we show that the 2-D full water wave equation is uniquely solvable almost globally in time. And for any initial interface that is small in its steepness and velocity, we show that the 3-D full water wave equation is uniquely solvable globally in time.
We will also have lunch with her at 12 and there will be a departmental dinner following the colloquium.

Friday, Feb 17 Talia Fernos (University of North Carolina and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Property (T), its friends, and its adversaries
Geometry and Topology Seminar 1.20pm. Contact Tulia Dymarz for more info

Friday, Feb. 24: Malabika Pramanik (UBC)
Analysis on Sparse Sets
We will also have lunch with her at 12 and there will be a departmental dinner following the colloquium at 4pm.

Monday, March 12:
Prospective Women Potluck
contacts: Julie Mitchell and Sarah Bockting

Friday, April 20 Karin Melnick (University of Maryland)
Geometry and Topology Seminar 1.20pm. Contact Tulia Dymarz for more info

    • September 4:


    Welcome back barbecue in Vilas Park for the math department, friends and family.

For a list of our past speakers see here.

Related groups and resources

UW Mentorship program for women in Math and Science: Many of the female faculty, staff, and graduate students volunteer to mentor talented highschool girls, working in groups through a mathematical project over the course of a couple months. For more information, please contact professor Gloria Mari Beffa at maribeff(a)math.wisc.edu.  webpage


Knitting Seminar: Some of the women organize a knitting group that meets weekly at various homes of other knitters. If you are interested in joining us, please email Jo Nelson at nelson(a)math.wisc.edu.


Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM)

AWM Mentor network

Women in Science and Engineering Leadership Institute (WISELI)

Biographies of Women Mathematicians

Fellowships from American Association of University Women

Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) Women and Mathematics program

WIM at University of Maryland (they have an extensive list of useful links)

Thanks to...

...Jordan Ellenberg, Gloria Mari-Beffa, Julie Mitchell, Alex Nagel, Yvonne Nagel, Leslie Smith, and many of the professors at Wisconsin, for their continued help, support, and guidance in organizing and running our programs.

...WISELI and VIGRE for generous past financial support and the University of Wisconsin - Madison Mathematics department for current support.

...Julie Mitchell for organization of the annual prospective women's potluck.

...Zajj Daughterty (PhD 2010) for website design.

For more information

If you have questions or comments about WIMAW, or want to get more involved in our group, please contact Jo Nelson at nelson(a)math(dot)wisc(dot)edu, Qin Li at qinli(a)math.wisc.edu, or Sarah Bockting at bockting(a)math(dot)wisct(dot)edu

For questions, comments, or changes for the web page, contact Jo Nelson at nelson(a)math.wisc.edu.

Our faculty contacts are Gloria Mari-Beffa and Julie Mitchell and Betsy Stovall.